How is Health Related to Happiness?

We often hear that there is a direct connection between happiness and good health. Scientific evidence also suggests that positive emotions can help in making your life healthier and longer. So, what is the happiness-health connection?

How does it influence us?

Well, do you realize that a lot depends on how you view the glass – whether you find it half empty or half full, can actually determine the risk of cardiovascular disease? This is a simple example of negativity can influence your life decisions and thoughts.  As per the findings, negative emotions of hostility, anger and depression can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. On the other hand, emotions of happiness can help us feel better and keep our heart protected.

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‘Laughter is the best medicine’ – we have all heard this and truly, research has proved that happiness and health are connected. The happiness level of a person has a direct influence on the health of the person. Experiences which bring in positive emotion often help in dissipating negative emotions rapidly. This is what the therapists do – they help people in identifying and help to build their virtues and strengths.

Why Happiness is good for Health:

Happiness fills an individual with a sense of optimism. It brings an attitude of positivity which is quite infectious. Though there are many suggested ways to be find happiness – the common three ways are:

  • Doing things which are good for others.
  • Doing things you are good at
  • Doing everything which is good for you
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Be Happy, Be Healthy!

Besides this, people who are the most optimistic are considered to be the happiest overall. Happiness for most people is all about a sense of purpose and also well-being. A positive attitude is known to translate a number of effects on the health of a person both mentally and physically. These include:

  • Opens the mind to positivity – Optimism is vital and critical for the mental health of a person. It brings in a sense of satisfaction and content, which in turn brings in motivation.
  • Improves Problem Solving Ability – Individuals who are positive-minded believe they ‘can’ and thus, are able to achieve their goals.
  • Protects health – Happiness is known to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also known to lower blood pressure. A happy person sleeps well, which is important for the functioning of the brain. It helps in maintaining normal body weight with a regular routine of exercises. It also helps in reducing stress, which stops the excessive production of stress hormones.
  • Better Immune System – When an individual is happy it helps in building a stronger immune system. It helps in fighting diseases, helping the person stay healthy, fit and free from diseases.’
  • Longer Life – One of the many other benefits of being happy is being in less stress, having a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy heart. Sad people, who will constantly complain about things, are more likely to be stressed and anxious, which does have a negative impact on the life of the individual.

Spend your time happily, do things which make you happy and enjoy life!

Mallory B : )