About me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Monica Bunning. I’m 21 years old, just completed my pre-med course from France and looking forward to something great to happen in life!

But….there is something more to that. I am semi-overweight and Yes, I am guilty about it!

You wouldn’t have found me guilty, if you met me two years back because I was happy to be fat and believed to be healthy. But, my stint in France made me realize that fat can never be fit. My course taught me what obesity can do for your body, what lack of exercise means and how fat can slowly ruin your whole system down. In fact, I was already going through the symptoms – climbing stairs seemed to be a herculean task, outdoor sports was just to be enjoyed as an audience and above all I started feeling dull, de-motivated and unhappy. I started feeing low and depressed – somehow I felt I looked older than my classmates.

This was when I said to myself “Time to be alert – Its enough NOW”

Not anymore – unhealthy days are over!

Back home, I got enrolled in a gym and started working-out. I have special meals in a day – No, I do not starve but I eat healthy. I have already lost 10 pounds and feeling much better. My journey isn’t over it, I have just started and have a long way to go.

blog author

Blogging was always a passion and starting a health blog wasn’t something I was really keen about. How could I be? Guilt is a demon and plays at the right time!

NOW…things are looking up and I believe starting this blog is going to help me stick to all my healthy plans. I hope to help everyone in their health and fitness journey.

Welcome to my blog everyone!

Keep reading and let’s lead a healthy life together!