A new beginning!

It’s true – the internet offers a plethora of information, but how authentic is it?

Can you rely on the medical facts or believe the health statistics available, without a second of doubt?

Running on the firm belief that the internet is the storehouse of information, I was overwhelmed, with all the contradictory health information available out there. And that’s how I turned skeptical.

It all began during my pre-med days in France, when I needed to research on medical issues, diseases, healthy living, health facts, healthy diet & recipes and everything which was essential for a healthy life. Scores of articles, blogs and journals offered informative content, but sadly, they often contradicted one another.

writing blog content for healthy living

How to find a reliable source?

Even after going through scores of blogs and articles, my choice was limited and restricted to a few authentic sources. And this was quite frustrating!

That’s when I decided – I will do my bit for students like me, seeking genuine information online. It’s tough I knew, needs consistency, perseverance, research and long hours of hard-work, but here I am – all prepared!!

So, it’s some exciting news here!

After requests from my friends and of course my long-time desire to start blogging, I have finally made it happen!  

A warm HUG to everyone reading this now – I WELCOME YOU TO MY BLOG!

So, I am a student, fitness freak, a believer in a healthy diet, nutrition conscious and of course an aspiring blogger, full of positivity and a firm believer in destiny!

My health blog is a sincere attempt to bring together reliable and well-researched health facts, statistics, healthy living tips, ideas and anything which is interesting. You can search by topics and categories as I keep publishing useful information.

But why a Health Blog?

Let’s start with this video… which pretty much sums up the debate:

As for me, I studied medicine and it’s my love for healthy living, and beyond which has always inspired me to provide useful information for all those who are in need. I realized how tough it was for a layman to differentiate between what is correct and what is incorrect, when it is something related to health. I have seen people blindly follow health tips and switch over to healthy diets, without having any inkling how it might affect their health. The reason was simple – they read something on the internet, which was probably not a true representation of facts or was half-truth.

I have seen my cousins and friends searching the internet whenever they are in need for some quick information – be it health facts, statistics, diet, recipe, exercises, diseases and more. Unfortunately, it often led to confusion, dilemma and sometimes anxiety because though there is information overload most of it is scary and repetitive. Often things are represented or written in the wrong way, misleading facts, wrong analysis, half-truths and wrong interpretations make things even worse.

I wish to use this platform to connect with like-minded people and engage with anyone looking forward to healthy stories, latest health news, facts and much more.

So, what is new here?

  • Interesting health stories
  • Articles, blogs, infographics
  • Fun facts on health
  • Healthy living tips & ideas
  • Product reviews and recommendations based on true user experience

And much much more…

I sincerely hope my readers find this a good resource -something they can rely on!

Keep Reading Guys!