4 Types of Chiropractors You Should Avoid at All Costs

During my time abroad in France, I got my first adjustment from a chiropractor… it pretty much changed my life. BUT my childhood friend, Cindy, went to see a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC and had a completely different experience… Here are the types of chiropractors you need to avoid!

If you have ever visited a chiropractor, you must be aware of their great ability, their compassion and their great services. However, you need to ensure that you are visiting the right chiropractor, who is trained and experienced in providing the services and is successful in getting results. These days, there are many different types of chiropractors who are offering their services. You need to avoid some because they will do not good – instead if you are in the wrong hands, you might hurt yourself and increase your pain.

Person Massaging Man's Shoulder

Everyone might not understand the signs of a good chiropractor or how to find the bad chiropractor or avoid one. Here are some types of chiropractors, whom you need to avoid under all circumstances.

Provides No Assessment of Health:

Any good chiropractor will always assess your health condition. If, on your first visit, you find the chiropractor doesn’t consider your existing health conditions, you need to avoid visiting the next visit. This is an important part of the treatment because it will mean correct diagnosis of the condition. Any good chiropractor will ask you about your health history, will perform light testing, take x-rays and then consider if there are any signs of injury in the body. If you find that your chiropractor is rushing through different processes and is more eager to fix the next appointment, you should avoid such person.

Person Holding X-ray Film

Has Poor Communication:

You need to consider how your chiropractor communicates and the clarity which is maintained during the entire process of treatment. When the initial assessment is over, your chiropractor will communicate your existing conditions and how you should improve. You will also be explained about the plan of action and what will be done to help you. If all your queries are addressed properly and you are given the necessary information, you are certainly in safe hands. If this doesn’t happen and your chiropractor does not explain or communicate properly, you need to avoid such a person.

Doesn’t Understand Your Pain or Needs:

Once your treatment starts, any good chiropractor will slowly work to offer relief, keeping in mind the pain conditions. There are many types of chiropractors who simply jump into the treatment process, without even understanding the treatment or the pain you might be going through. Does your chiropractor ask – how are you feeling? Are you feeling better? If not, you need to avoid such a person.

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Doesn’t Think About Multiple Treatments:

There are many good chiropractors who think about different ways to treat the condition and empower the patient. If your chiropractor uses only one technique and doesn’t consider multiple techniques, it might be that he is not aware about the treatments or isn’t experienced. A good and experienced chiropractor usually combines different techniques to help the patient get relief. Also, a good chiropractor teaches the patient several methods of self-care, usually in the form of exercises which helps in the long-run. If you find your chiropractor isn’t doing any additional to help you feel better, you should avoid the chiropractor at any cost.

Be careful about your chiropractor because you should be going to experienced and trained people only and not just anyone who comes your way!

Although her first experience was awful, Cindy did eventually visit
Leigh Brain & Spine, a chiropractor in Chapel Hill that gave her a MUCH more positive experience. Dr. Cosmas Leigh helped her to genuinely feel better. He was the opposite of the 4 things described above!