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Medical Tourism, a vital market?

Medical Tourism that develops, with more than 7.5 million patients worldwide in 2007 to 16 million patients worldwide in 2012, the market seems to be booming as France Strategy.

Several factors explain this trend, including lower transportation costs and medical supply rapidly changing. Indeed, it has never been easier to travel today and this trend seems to be not ready to stop! More medicine becomes more scalable with new technology development. But that’s not all ! An evolutionary medicine, yes, but not everywhere! Indeed the quality of care depends on a country to country and many countries then offer very disparate care benefits.

The increasing globalization does not spare the health sector, one can thus see that many players enter the market. Countries like Thailand have even made a specialty.

However the quality of care in a country other than our us he guaranteed an equal or higher quality than that provided to us? What guarantee of safety do we have?

Although many medical tourism intermediaries offer the best care at the best price, the quality of care provided, however, does not always provide the same quality. Although some actors of medical tourism clinics are working with latest art and the best teams, the quality can not always be at the rendezvous. Indeed the quality of care depends on several factors (functioning health system, good management, under controlled procedures, a good study of medical information …)

So many players in the medical tourism can provide cheap care, but not necessarily sufficient quality. France, which has yet sizes assets (best health care system in the world according to the WHO in its report the best health care systems in 2000), it begins to enter the market. Indeed the French health system provides a guarantee of quality and significant security, and anywhere in the country. Indeed health of the High Authority (HAS) provides certification of healthcare facilities and practitioners according to recognized quality criteria. There have not less than according to US News and Capital who ranked the best medical teams in the world (according to qualitative criteria), France has no less than 98 world-renowned medical teams on 380. France is far ahead of these European colleagues (Germany 30 world-renowned teams, 22 Switzerland and the United Kingdom 19). France is also the country of medical first, many techniques and practices have been discovered and developed in France as endoscopic surgery, the first face transplant, hand …

so we did not talk about yet finished medical tourism and France seems to be a country of choice.